Friday 30 July 2021
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Some of the reasons businesses thrive here:
Location, location, and transportation: Lee County is located on the Gulf of Mexico with easy access to Southwest Florida International Airport and Interstate-75 from all areas. From Fort Myers, it's a 2.5 hour drive to either Tampa or Fort Lauderdale, providing easy access to shipping across the country or around the globe.

Environment: Southwest Florida provides a great climate and great living environment for you and your employees.

Support for incoming businesses: The Horizon Council, a private group dedicated to bringing economic expansion to the area, works with the Lee County Department of Economic Development serving the business community.

Infrastructure: Telecommunications support for the growth and development needs of corporate information technology.

Skilled Employment: Fort Myers and Lee County are home to the new Florida Gulf Coast University, several junior colleges and universities, and there are many training programs and facilities available to residents.

Citizenship: There are many opportunities for businesses to get involved with the community through non-profit organizations and business, professional and trade associations.

Established Success: Fort Myers and Lee County have been selected by many Fortune 500 businesses for branches or headquarters relocation.

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